Presidency pleased with hotline performance

In its second year of operation, the Presidential Hotline has achieved a 75% case resolution rate.

According to the Presidency, the hotline has received 111 751 valid queries, since it was first introduced in September 2009. Of these queries, 84 700 of the cases have been attended to and resolved.

“In its second year anniversary, the Presidential Hotline continues to support measures in place to improve service delivery through strengthening government planning and improvement of monitoring and evaluation,” the Presidency says.

Of all the calls logged 70% are complaints, 27% are enquiries, 1.8% are suggestions and compliments.

The hotline was introduced in September 2009 and registered over 4000 valid queries within the first week of operation.  Introduced as a communication platform for citizens, the Presidency noted that its introduction was long overdue.

The public use 17737 which is a toll free number for the Presidential Hotline. All calls to this number are answered at SITA which is the first point of contact. Valid cases are logged into a system and given a reference number.

For specific queries a team of public liaison officers based in all national and provincial departments, and district, local and metropolitan municipalities are available. This team is allocated service delivery queries via an IT system which they investigate and report their progress by updating the system for tracking purposes.

Cabinet also welcomed the resolution rate, saying it marked the highlight in government commitment to transforming public service culture

“The hotline’s 75% case resolution rate demonstrates that it is effective and that it has been well received and used by South Africans at large. The Presidential Hotline validates the posture of government of being in touch with the people,” Cabinet said in a statement.

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