IT consultant steals R2m from govt

Edna Molewa1 IT consultant steals R2m from govt

DWA laid charges against an IT consultant who attempted to steal R12,8 million

The Department of Water Affairs (DWA) says it has laid criminal charges against an IT consultant who attempted to steal R12,8 million from the department’s account last year.

The DWA says the initial attempts to commit the theft were however rejected by the Departments internal electronic systems. However the department says it is not taking this lying down as it will try by all means to get their money back.

“The department is committed to rooting out all forms of corruption and in the abovementioned case, every attempt will be made for the recovery of the R2, 843 699.33,” the DWA said.

According to the department an investigation revealed that the consultant had tried to transfer large sums of money into his personal bank account on different occasions but only managed get R 2.84 million before his activities were detected.

“The consultant from the IT company, Arivia now known as T-systems was appointed to perform functions on the payment systems but managed to gain additional access which enabled him transfer funds to his personal bank account,” said the department.

Minister, Edna Molewa has warned that those who tried to commit crime and corruption will be dealt with by the department.

“I want to issue a stern warning to all those involved in corrupt activities in the Department, I will not tolerate it. You will face the full might of the law”.

The department added that his activities were uncovered by the department’s finance unit which instituted an investigation through its internal auditors, who confirmed the crime. DWA later laid criminal charges with the police against culprit who is out on bail.

“Mr Senokoana appeared in court on 09 June 2011, the case was postponed to July for further investigations”, revealed the department.

In addition the department says it has also instituted a civil claim against the company that employed the culprit in an attempt to recover the full amount that he transferred.

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  • Pako

    This is really appalling and a shame to the IT world, hence companies a too sceptical to hire IT Professionals it’s all because of these kind of activities. He should be trailed and if found guilty all his qualifications should be cancelled and he must be locked up.

  • saitadmin

    Computers and the Internet are important tools for us. However, there are certain risks involved in using the Internet, so government should be more aware of the basic principles of information security and data protection.

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