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On the wrong side of the digital divide

Got an old computer, and postponing buying a new one because yours “does everything you need it to”? You may be missing out on more of the modern information-rich world than you think.

Laptop and computer technology changes at such a pace that there is something new almost daily. The fact is that we use computers in a very different way than even 12 months ago. We use computers to run our busy socially busy lives, interact with other people at all times of the day, create and consume increasingly rich media

like movies and photography, share cool stuff, shop online and even play games – and we do this constantly.

Today, a computer is so much more than a productivity machine – it’s an integral part of our lives, so not only must it perform seamlessly it also needs to be a beautiful accessory that fits your personal style! But what ordinary consumers fail to understand is that not all PCs are created equal.

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