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The mashup of stuff

I was recently asked by a friend about what was happening at work and specifically the IT industry. I normally respond to such requests with purpose and no hesitation. But this time he got me, because there I was trying to figure out what to say. Not that I did not have anything to say, […]

Starship: New Enterprise

For those close to me (and the three people who read my monthly column), you all know my love for flying, movies and Star Wars.

Now for those of you who are familiar with Star Wars and its greater community, you know that Jedi and Starfleet personnel do not see eye to eye. You are either a Trekkie or of the Force. So why am I telling you something you already know?

Two reasons; one, my father dared me to write about my greatest enemy in my next article and two, because the Starship Enterprise is a great analogy for Enterprise IT Management. Sad but true, as good as the Death Star is, it blows up twice and always seems to miss its true potential (beyond just destroying planets).

How to innovate in an imperfect economy

Today’s applications have to support increasingly complex business processes.

Not surprisingly, applications are becoming more intricate and inter-connected. In a survey conducted by Capgemini and commissioned by HP, an overwhelming majority (88%) of survey respondents agree that software systems have increased in complexity.

Previously, organisations have been able to deal with increased workloads by adding resources to their quality management teams; but, with reduced IT spending, companies are looking at alternate ways of keeping pace with growing complexity – such as streamlining the quality process, increasing the degree of test automation and outsourcing testing activities.

Pick me, pick me

We have either seen the movie, or experienced the scenario ourselves. Standing amongst a large group of friends, school mates or even at the community braai, we wait in anticipation for someone to pick us for their team.  Sadly, there are always a few kids that get left out, banished to the side-lines with the […]

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