80% resolution rate for Presidential hotline

The Presidential hotline has successfully resolved almost 80% of cases, says the Presidency.

Since 31 of January 2012, the hotline logged a total number of 122,589 calls nationwide with the overall case resolution rate standing at 79.89%.

“This is a major improvement since 2009, when the resolution rate was at 39%,” says the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME).

The hotline was first introduced in September 2009 and registered over 4000 valid queries within the first week of operation.  Introduced as a communication platform for citizens, the Presidency noted that its introduction was long overdue.

According to the DPME, on average, it takes 67 working days to resolve a matter that has been recorded with the hotline. However, there are queries which require immediate response such as request for information on government services.

“To ensure that the hotline operates optimally we will in June this year, increase the number of call agents from 20 to 30. This will see an increase to 15 agents per shift operating on two shifts a day,” the departmnent revealed.

According to the department, the hotline’s success can be attributed to better coordination at Directors-General and senior management level of government. The hotline responsiveness reports have been regularised on the agenda of Forum of South African Directors-General. In addition, the hotline reports are now on Cabinet agenda periodically.

The department also revealed that it is now using the hotline as a source of information to inform its unannounced Front Line Service Delivery Monitoring visits. The DPME is also in the process of engaging with the management of departments and municipalities with high volumes of cases, with a view to both improve responsiveness and assisting them to use the information to inform service delivery improvements.

“We are gradually making progress and living up to President Jacob Zuma‘s promise that citizens will have a platform to communicate with government and get assistance they deserve. As we have begun with our frontline service delivery monitoring the hotline provides us with good data on which areas needs immediate attention and we will respond,” says minister in the Presidency Collins Chabane.

The Presidency adds it is aware that there are still a number of citizens which are awaiting responses and while achievements are celebrated – more should be done to achieve 100% call resolution rate.

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