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Manuel challenges Techies

Minister in the Presidency in charge of National Planning Commission, Trevor Manuel, issued a challenge to the IT community gathered at recently held GovTech 2013 conference held in Cape Town on to help South Africa gain lost ground in narrowing the digital divide.

Cloud age ushers in new opportunities for businesses

The rapid growth of cloud computing over the last few years has completely revolutionised how businesses operate in the African continent as well as globally.

Better bandwidth, bigger DDoS application level risk

On the flipside of the bandwidth boom in South Africa, there has been a significant increase in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks at an application level in the country, says Fortinet.

Finding the ‘now’ in Big Data

Effectively using Big Data is not about sifting through a wealth of historical data, it is about focusing on the ‘now’ within the data.

New business: getting it right

Starting a business in South Africa is fraught with challenges and lessons to be learned. As a serial entrepreneur, I have discovered a lot about the mistakes entrepreneurs make. High among them are getting into business for the wrong reasons, poor planning, and bad choices in business partners.

Increase in SA public holiday online shopping spend predicted

The upcoming public holidays in South Africa will be the turning point for local online retail, says Mark Chirnside, CEO of PayU, SA’s largest online and mobile payment service provider.

The Role of Design in Innovation

In the mobile, telephony and technological industry, we hear a lot about “innovation”. We are told that our products need to be innovative.

BI to boom as enterprises seek the competitive edge

Next generation Business Intelligence is rapidly being accepted as the critical tool for business success.

Data compliance has become everyone’s business

Up until a couple of years ago, data compliance was the concern of only a few select industries such as financial services and healthcare. However, with an increase in the volume, and value, of data which both the public and private sectors are dealing with, there has been a corresponding growth in the amount of legislative oversight businesses face.

PCI-DSS compliance

With fraud and cybercrime proliferating, PCI-DSS compliance is an issue businesses of every size need to address.

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