Business Intelligent helps LegalWise improve client service

law Business Intelligent helps LegalWise improve client service


LegalWise is a provider of affordable face to face legal assistance and advice, and also provides access to the services of a lawyer for those LegalWise members who need legal representation. Their reputation is such that one phone call by the company’s legal counsellors is often sufficient to bring most transgressors to their senses.

LegalWise has over 80 branches countrywide and is served by a highly experienced panel of 1,200 affiliated attorneys.

Previously, data collection and reporting costs were hidden in the operating costs of the company, which made it difficult to see and account for the value that went into gathering and extracting of information from previous sources.

LegalWise realised that they needed a tool to help them with improving the accuracy of reporting, setting a standard format for all reporting, increasing the scope of the reporting and also to enhance the extent of the data analysis for value add to the business.

Based on a recommendation from a business partner, the company decided to implement the QlikView solution from Business Intelligent. The solution contributed immensely to timely, more accurate reporting and prompt decision making. With easier access to data, strengths and weaknesses are easily identified for continuous improvement opportunities.

Prior to bringing Business Intelligent onboard, LegalWise was reliant on third parties for the development of reports and data extracts, which was costly and inefficient. However, with the implementation of QlikView the business now has the flexibility to extract the required data itself.

QlikView has also assisted LegalWise in monitoring the insurance claims cost paid to attorneys by being able to drill down to the cost per claim at any given level of detail and improving efficiencies in finalising these claims.

The Business Intelligent solution enabled greater efficiencies within the business by reducing the time needed to gather and consolidate information and empowered the relevant teams to compile more in-depth analysis of sales numbers and costs.

LegalWise Business Information Manager Hannelie du Toit says, “There has been a significant increase in cost saving since the implementation of the solution from Business Intelligent. One of the most significant cost savings was on the Outstanding Claims Reserves –we managed to close over 3,500 void claims since implementing QlikView.”

“The benefits and ease of use of the QlikView software were immediately visible to the whole team at LegalWise, right from the moment the solution was presented to us. Business Intelligent has worked with our business to provide us with a solution that is customised to our needs,” concludes du Toit.

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