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Technica, provider of easily accessible and internationally accredited e-learning solutions, aims to redefine skills development in South Africa through the provision of interactive multi-media training, tailored to the South African marketplace. Initially designed for the automotive industry and backed by the Midas Group, Technica’s offering includes dynamic and internationally accredited e-learning courses across different sectors with a specific focus on information and cyber security.

The role of information and cyber security is currently 17th on the list of the top 100 jobs in America,” says Michael Turnbull, Manager, Technica.  “With demand for this skill set to continue growing 20% year on year, it is a clear indication of global demand that may be applied to South Africa,” continues Turnbull. With South Africa’s commitment to and focus on skills development, there exists a huge opportunity for the local workforce to capitalise on this demand.  “As a result the need exists, not only for cost-effective and easily accessible information and cyber security courses, but an internationally competitive curriculum; enabling South Africa’s IT industry to continue holding its own when measured against global standards,” says Turnbull.

Technica’s e-learning courses comprise the following:

-       Locking Down Linux User Accounts, Filesystems and Services

-       Protecting Networks with Firewalls and VPNs

-       Protecting Window Systems with Access Controls, Encryption and Group Policy

-       Securing Web Applications

-       Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

-       Computer Forensics Evidence Collection

-       Ethical Hacking Tools and Techniques

-       Network Security Essentials

-       Information Security and Risk Management Planning

E-learning is beginning to gain traction and momentum in South Africa,” says Turnbull.  Already a global phenomenon, with the US market alone estimated at US$56.2billion, a steady increase in local e-learning providers is starting to gain prominence. Add to this recent government involvement, with the Gauteng Department of Education announcing its intention to introduce e-learning to theprovince’s schools through the provision of 88,000 tablets, coupled with increasing accessibility to broadband technology and steadily decreasing data prices and it is easy to predict that e-learning will begin to provide a valuable and tertiary alternative to millions of South Africans across the socio-economic divide.

The Technica e-learning modules are comprised of four key areas:

  • Hosted workforce education courses – developed by security professionals with a simple and easy to navigate user course interface, complete with interactive and dynamic instruction materials and step-by-step videos;
  • Virtual Labs – facilitating a true hands-on experience online.
  • Easily accessible e-book content – for study and reference; and
  • Online instructors – experienced cyber security practitioners who, in addition to having a passion for teaching, bring with them a host of relevant market experience invaluable to the trainees.

These courses are highly relevant to the working professional, providing easy access to the necessary skills required to empower and develop one’s career,” says Turnbull. All Technica e-learning courses include assessments and examinations, with students receiving a certificate of completion at the end of each module.

South Africa is known for its wealth of IT talent,” says Turnbull.  One only has to look at the Western Cape, with its reputation for technology start-ups, as an example of this. “To be involved in continuing to facilitate South Africa’s reputation as a leader in technology and technology skill, whilst simultaneously delivering a positive contribution through addressing skills development, is an exciting and rewarding challenge,” concludes Turnbull.



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