Huawei boosts local broadband

ICT solutions provider, Huawei, has introduced a broadband solution aimed at improving both fixed line and mobile data connectivity.

The solution known as the Ubiquitous Ultra-broadband Network Architecture (U2Net) was launched in Midrand today and looks to increase the capacity of existing bandwidth connections from transmitters to consumers making the transfer of data faster.

Huawei’s U2Net solution promises to deliver 100Mbps fixed broadband to homes and between 10 and 20 Mbps to individual mobile users.  

According to Song Peng, vice-president of Huawei in East and Southern Africa Region and CEO of Huawei SA, this is a solution that network providers have long been waiting for in order to address current capacity issues where broadband is concerned.

“We believe our U2Net solution will deliver value for all our stakeholders, and play an enabling role in driving economic growth throughout South Africa. Huawei is committed to delivering a world-class solution which will make it easier for our customers to access the technology they need. We are embracing government’s 2020 ICT vision of delivering 100% broadband, throughout South Africa, by 2020.”

Network operators are under increasing pressure to unlock bottlenecks and deliver ever faster and more reliable internet. Huawei, hopes its U2Net solution will increase bandwidth capacity from transmitters to end users.

Networks of the future will have to provide huge capacity, with simplified architecture, as traffic is constantly increasing. Global broadband connections are predicted to grow to seven billion by 2015.

“Today’s networks are evolving to accommodate increased traffic and data services, but traditional architecture has struggled to keep up. With U2Net, Huawei is delivering the network solution of the future. As a strong player in the ICT sector, we will continue to support ICT-based research and development initiatives to ensure that SA is on a par with leading global markets,” said Peng.

Huawei currently spends at least 10% of its revenue spend on research and development making it possible to deliver highly competitive products and services.

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