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Sanral CEO resigns

Audra Mahlong May 08,2012 2 Comments

nazir alli Sanral CEO resigns

CEO of the South African National Road Agency Limited (Sanral), Nazir Alli, has resigned.

CEO of the South African National Road Agency Limited (Sanral), Nazir Alli, has resigned.

Alli’s resignation comes a week after a court ruling halting the multi-billion rand e-tolling project and allowing for a review of the initiative which was scheduled to start on 30 April.

Chairperson of the board, Tembakazi Mnyaka, said that during a meeting on Monday, the board had accepted Alli’s resignation. Alli has agreed to continue in his post until 3 June 2012.

As CEO, Alli, had led the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) – an initiative which will lead to the upgrade or construction of approximately 500 kms or road around the Tshwane, Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni metros.

Over R20 billion was invested in the GFIP through government guaranteed bonds. However, following widespread outcry from motorists, trade unions and business federations on proposed e-tolling fares – government made another R5.75billion available to Sanral for the project.

Introduced in a phased plan and design approach, the project will introduce and open road tolling system which will electronically charge drivers per kilometre as they pass gantries erected across designated toll roads.

The system allows for tolls to be automatically charged without vehicles stopping or slowing down. When the vehicle enters the toll area, the electronic equipment will photograph the front and rear number plate, read the e-tag on the vehicle, verify the tag if is linked to the specific vehicle and have an account linked to it.

In a statement, the board thanked Alli for his contribution since the inception of Sanral in 1998.

It added the immediate focus and priority of the board was to ensure that Sanral continued to perform its essential role in operating and maintaining more than 16 000km of national roads across the country.

“As announced in recent weeks, processes have been initiated at national government level to address the variety of issues involved in the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) and e-tolling,” Mnyaka said.

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  • Nkhume

    He can’t take the heat…

  • LethaboMashike

    Tolling has been a fiasco for several reasons. First, there are enough of us around who remember fuel price increases to pay for road maintenance. Those levies were then adsorbed into general revenue, and the monies for road maintenance dried up, so we felt we were being socked twice for the same thing. Second, the whole public-private-partnership thing is being mismanaged, with every evidence that “private” means “public representative”, just another way for the in-boys to enrich themselves at our expense. The process has to become transparent and auditable if it is to deliver value. Thirdly, the costs were thrust upon an unsuspecting Gauteng, and were set at an obscene level. Fourth, there was no indication of where the money was actually to go, and how much of each Rand would actually land up doing roads. Add to all of these mysterious deals with Austrian companies and it is actually good to see that taxpayers finally revolted.