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SITA's Mandate


SITA was established in 1999 to consolidate and coordinate the State's information technology resources in order to achieve cost savings through scale, increase delivery capabilities and enhance interoperability.

SITA is committed to leveraging Information Technology (IT) as a strategic resource for government, managing the IT procurement and delivery process to ensure that the Government gets value for money, and using IT to support the delivery of e-Government services to all citizens.

In short, SITA is the IT business for the largest employer and consumer of IT products and services in South Africa – the Government. Furthermore, the Act separates SITA's services into mandatory services (i.e. SITA must provide), and non-mandatory services (i.e. SITA may provide).

SITA remains committed in all its engagements to adhere to the Government's "IT House of Values", aiming to achieve reduced costs, increased productivity and increased service to our citizens.



To leverage ICT as a strategic resource to enable government to improve service delivery and to meet the challenges faced by a developmental state. This we will do by building a high performance and innovative organisation with the requisite capability, competency and capacity to meet the information technology requirements of government, create shareholder value and deliver high levels of customer, employee and community satisfaction.

To be a high performance information and communications technology (ICT) service provider of choice for the public sector.




  • Service Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Prudence
  • Innovation


Three Year Strategic Imperatives


  • Radically improve service delivery to our clients

  • Prioritise citizen-focused projects and engage departments to build and execute upon a SITA value proposition

  • Attain best demonstrated practices in people management and leadership

  • Overhaul internal and external communications to improve transparency, visibility and image

  • Build an appropriate organisational structure and team to achieve our strategic objectives

  • Maintain financial sustainability