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MTN warns of mobile scams and threats

Eugene morokolo Dec 05,2013 0 Comments

mtn11 300x300 MTN warns of mobile scams and threatsMobile operator MTN has warned of Mobile scams and threat over the festive season. The company says as the holiday season begins, holiday shopping time is starting, and crime is usually on the increase during this period.

“We would like to remind customers to be vigilant about safety and to guard against theft and fraud, not only during the holiday season, but always,” says Lily Zondo, GM Risk Management at MTN SA

MTN is urging its customers to be extra careful when shopping during this time of the year and gives advice on how to decrease their chances to fall prey to these incidents.

If a mobile device gets stolen, it is not only the loss of the device that causes problems, but the information stored on it is also compromised.

“Our customers must report stolen or lost devices immediately to the police and contact MTN straight away to deactivate the SIM card. This will ensure that the SIM card cannot be fraudulently utilised for illegal mean,” Says Zondo.

Fraudulent activity:

Vigilant MTN customers can avoid fraudulent upgrades, SIM swops, holiday hoaxes, SMS scams and identity theft.

“When customers suspect irregular activity on their phones, alert MTN Customer Operations straight away and remember to never divulge your personal documents or details such bank accounts and ID numbers to anyone,” Zondo adds

When travelling:


MTN is urging travelling customers to make sure their data roaming is switched off before they leave. Should a device be lost or stolen overseas, customers must please contact MTN straight away to deactivate the SIM card to ensure that the SIM card cannot be used to rack up an unwanted and excessive bill.

“With all this in mind, we urge customers to be aware of their surroundings at all times and to be cautious while shopping and travelling during this holiday period,” Zondo concludes.

Tips for the customers:

  • It is important that customer make use of the following security features on their phones:
    • Handset pin, where the pin prevents unauthorized use of the phone itself.
    • Sim card pin, where the pin prevents unauthorized use of the Sim card if it is removed from the handset.
  • In the unfortunate event that a phone is lost or stolen, the pin provides a level of security managed by the customer to prevent the fraud.
  • Customers should consult the services representatives in store or MTN Customer Operations to assist them to activate these security features.
  • Customers must scrutinize any SMS’s or calls received requesting their personal details or relating to them winning some kind of prize. Customers must not respond to such messages.
  • Broadcast messages on BBM can potentially be another form of a Phishing Scam and customers should be cautious of opening URL’s embedded within these messages.
  • Customers who constantly receive calls requesting them to put their phones off, as the Service Provider is busy upgrading the network, should immediately report this to MTN and must not switch their phones off.
  • Customers should frequently review their credit report which will assist in detecting theft and any unsolicited changes to their credit report.
  • To safeguard against identity theft customers should request to receive alerts from the relevant credit bureaus when there is a critical change on their credit report.
  • Customers should avoid distributing their cell phone number on social networking sites to prevent unwanted and malicious SMS messages.
  • Customers must be cautious of using free Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Customers must keep mobile device software up to date and install security software.
  • Customers should not jailbreak or circumvent security features of mobile devices should it be already built into the device.
  • Customers should only purchase mobile applications from reputable online applications stores.
  • Customers must ensure that they have a back-up of all information stored on their mobile device on a secondary storage in the event of a lost or stolen phone.
  • Customers must remove all personal information from a mobile device before disposing of that device.
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