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Telkom becomes Cisco Managed Service Master Partner

Eugene morokolo Aug 07,2014 0 Comments

Telkom Nigeria  Telkom becomes Cisco Managed Service Master Partner Telkom has announced that it has achieved its status as a Cisco Managed Service Master Partner. The status comes via a certification from Cisco and will differentiate Telkom to its customers from other solutions providers in the market.

The certification makes Telkom one of five companies in South Africa to hold such a distinction. In order for a company to become certified as a Master Partner with Cisco, it must offer at least two managed services. Telkom, for instance, offers MPLS VPN, which is essentially redundancy on any protocol, as well as VPN services says Telkom.

“We are proud to announce our status as one of five companies in South Africa to be certified as a Cisco Managed Service Master Partner,” said Johann Henning, managing director of Telkom Business. “This achievement clearly sets us apart within the market and up-levels our product offerings to ensure that we remain the leading company for ICT solutions.”

Telkom says it can now be differentiated from other Cisco partners for having achieved stringent standards to reach this level as a Cisco partner. The Company says it is now eligible for unique discounts on managed customer premises equipment and cloud data centre equipment, which makes the organisation more competitive in the ICT space. “Other benefits to the accreditation include being able to maximise return on investments and growing the business through expanded marketing and lead generation activities, among others” the Telco said in a statement.

According to Telkom’s relationship with Cisco began in the late 90’s and the Company has maintained gold certification since 2004, a level below this most recent accreditation. One of the measurement criteria required to reach this level is ensuring that employees are themselves Cisco certified; Telkom currently has 604 Cisco certified employees.   “Since 2004, Telkom has also received a number of awards from Cisco, including Security Partner of the Year in 2008 and Advanced Managed Service Provider of the Year in 2012” the Telco adds .

“Telkom’s long history with Cisco, including being a gold certified company since 2004, differentiates us in our class of Cisco Managed Service Master Partners,” Henning added. “We are comfortable with our distinction and are confident that, with the support of our Cisco-certified employees, we can offer and service Cisco products in a way that is unrivalled by others in the market.”

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