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MTN claims own LTE network outperforms competitors

Eugene morokolo Jan 30,2014 0 Comments

With an increased adoption of data hungry devices locally, Mobile operator MTN held an event to showcase its Long Term Evolution (LTE) network technology capabilities claiming it outperforms its competitors at the company’s branded Store in Sandton City

The operator claims its LTE network has in numerous independent surveys consistently performed as the fastest and the most consistent in capacity and experience, outperforming competitors.

“In the latest speed test, our LTE download speed was 33.89 Mbps and upload speed at 8.48 Mbps. The speeds are up to 10x faster than 3G and twice as fast as our main competitor. Our LTE customers can upload a photo in six seconds, download a song in four seconds and allows movie downloads in minutes, as well as apps, almost instantly,” notes Krishna Chetty, MTN General Manager: Radio Optimisation & Planning.

Chetty says MTN’s LTE network has sustained performance, especially on uplink and downloads, offering a seamless user-experience to customers. “MTN is at the forefront of innovation and cutting edge technology, evident the MTN LTE network is of world-class standards,” continues.

“In support of our vision to provide our customers with a bold, new digital world, we have greatly invested in our LTE network and have reached many milestones in developing faster communication access, such as establishing new remote hubs, beefing-up existing switches as well as remote hubs in construction.

According to the company its technology evolution has taken it from 99% 2G coverage to 75% 3G coverage and connecting 3 million consumers through LTE to date and the company has re-farmed 10MHz of 1800 Spectrum in most areas.

Chetty adds that the deployment of LTE in Sandton and across the country is part of their strategy to invest in better and faster networks, making our customers’ lives a whole lot mtn 281x300 MTN claims own LTE network outperforms competitors brighter by providing them with technology that gives a seamless and Enhanced Lifestyle experience.”

MTN says new and existing customers will have a chance to experience MTN’s enhanced LTE network, which provides ultra-fast mobile Internet speeds while testing smartphones and smart devices in store. “Consumers will now be able to experience how LTE will enable them to access information, entertainment, apps and services at faster speeds and much more richness and computing capacity. Our LTE network will ensure customers derive a seamless multi-media experienced with live streaming of content, video on demand and enhanced gaming capabilities, to name but a few,” adds Chetty.

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